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I work with individuals and companies to help build a distinctive brand. A good logo should be simple, clean and timeless. Something that will give your business a unique mark & tell your customers about your brand values. Logo & Identity is an integral part of any successful business and this may be what sets you apart from your competition.

Why work with a freelancer?
As a freelancer, I work directly with my customers and offer very good communication, to reach an end result that the client is more than happy with. Jobs can range in size and I am happy to take on smaller jobs that larger companies may deem a waste of their time. My end product will be tailor made to your needs and come with a unique style and personal touch.

Understanding the process
Before I start the design process, I first clarify with my client their desired brand style & identity. This all helps to direct the project to achieve an end result that is not only effective but also something that you value. This can be helped along by looking at a number of defining attributes:
Classic - Modern
Mature - Youthful
Feminine - Masculine
Playful - Sophisticated
Economical - Luxurious
Geometric - Organic
Abstract - Literal

If you have an idea for a project, I would love to hear from you. Please leave your enquiries through my contact page or via email at

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Icon or Symbol Logos

simple yet bold icon logos for all areas of business

This shop sign design was something I created for some music industry professionals who wanted to combine an element of DJ’ing with their brand name in a logo. I used the letters I & N from their title (Intercontinental) and adapted a shape to represent the motion of DJ’ing.

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Combination Logo - Word Mark & Symbol

informative logos to promote a service or product

This mower care logo was designed alongside a website to promote one of the services that the company offered. I created a simple illustration of a mower and lawn and font that represents a long standing quality business. For use in digital & print.

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Emblem Design

logos with font inside a symbol or icon

This emblem was created for a collective of dj’s & events organisers and was designed to resemble the detail and textures of their style & sound. Something unique for their brand, which was instantly recognizable. Used for online use. A secondary logo was then made for print.

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A freelance graphic designer and web developer based in York, UK. Founded in 2015, Design By Idea3 aims to help businesses and creatives to communicate with their audiences. My work includes the design of posters, pamphlets, logos, branding and website development.


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